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Reduce impalement hazards on your job site!

Structural steel guardrail posts ("OSHA posts"), and cables provide a effective means of perimeter protection in a building under construction.  However, the exposed OSHA posts create a significant impalement risk to men and women working above or nearby.  The PRO-TECT Cap is designed to mitigate this risk by providing a specially designed solution to this risk.

GFall protection guardcap Falcon Safety


Falcon Safety was founded in 2011 with the goal of designing, producing, and distributing protective caps for standardized structural steel guardrail posts, or 'OSHA' posts. Structural steel guardrail posts are an effective way to provide perimeter fall protection while structural steel erection is ongoing.  Despite their effectiveness in meeting OSHA perimeter protection, the exposed edges of OSHA posts present a significant impalement risk and scratch hazard to trades working above or adjacent to each post, especially while steel erection is in progress.

While OSHA regulations require all exposed railings and impalement hazards to be effectively protected, there i currently no quick and effective solution to this need, until now.

Our product, the PRO-TECT Guardcap is a cost effective method of mitigating the impalement risk from industry standard steel angle posts.  These injuries result in significant lost time injuries to a worker, fine and investigations from OSHA to the contractor, legal action, and significant insurance claims to the construction manager and owner.


Reduce the risk of insurance claims and lawsuits.

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